Michael Middleton

I’m an engineer from the UK,

working predominantly in systems and simulation

for the aviation and marine sectors.

I have a keen interest in graphic design and data visualization,

pursuing these as a hobby and also sometimes for commissioned work.

I program in MATLAB/Simulink, C++, Javascript and Python.

I particularly enjoy making infographics, maps and diagrams to convey

information with accuracy, coherence, entertainment, and visual appeal.

I also do the occasional comic doodle and very amateur vexillography (flag design).

This site is a something of a portfolio for all these things.

I'm generally open to commissioned work for logo / brand / poster design, and data visualisations.

If you're interested in working with me to help produce something for your company or for

a personal project, I am contactable at aeromidd@gmail.com.

Other websites

I enjoy: