Anglophone Populations

What share of the global population of anglophones (English-speakers) does each country have?

And what proportion of each country can speak English well?


The graph I designed, above, attempts to neatly present these data simultaneously. However, take care to not conflate pie chart area with either measure. The arc-length represents the ratio of English speakers each country has to the global English-speaking population, while the radial 'bars' indicate the English-speaking proportion of each country's population. Unfortunately, the best source for this data I could find was a wikipedia list article* drawing from many different sources with (you guessed it) many different ways of determining the thresholds for:

A) what counts as 'speaking English well',


B) what counts as the 'elligible population' for this data
(for example, whether only people above a certain age should be considered as a prerequisite for English fluency). 

And that's all before you even get to all the issues arising from the datapoints that were extracted from national censuses or with different methodologies - including the different years in which they were conducted!
Several countries are also absent from the dataset completely, meaning that the overall total and proportions are probably inaccurate.

So, expect this data to potentially be highly problematic. But I hope you find the visualisation appealing.

Pie chart graphed in Excel. Radial bars manually edited in Illustrator.

*a wikipedia article that I also had to go through and clean out the vandalism in... grrr.