Flag Design:

The United Kingdom

without Scotland

And some long overdue reference to Wales!

This is perhaps what a new flag of the United Kingdom could look like if Scotland ever exits the Union.

A clean design merging St. George's Cross (England), St Patrick's Saltire (Northern Ireland) and St. David's Cross (Wales).

The UK without Scotland

The Sultanate of Mhelon

A completely fictional flag design for a completely fictional country I created on NationStates.

The Mhelonese are an odd people. They've gone through several major regime changes from hardcore socialism to libertarian democracy to a compulsory consumerist economy with a benevolent dictatorship. They operate with a currency of severed ears. Alcohol is prohibited, nudity is encouraged, you have to get a license to become a parent, and the biggest industry is pith helmet sales. The national animal of Mhelon is the fungus.

North Korea colonized by Patrick Star

Patrick Star may or may not have designs to annex the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I support this eventuality, but if it happens then I humbly suggest this flag might be flown over the occupied territory. 


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