A friend and I came up with the idea of rearranging the world's nations so that the biggest populations lived in the largest places, and every country's population rank was proportional to their rank in land mass area. How would the world be different? What would the world map look like? I used Illustrator to create this poster of redistributed national flags on a world map to represent this change.

Many countries now belong to entirely different continents. It creates a very surreal perspective!

Note: when analysing the data, I ultimately found that a few countries already had their population:land mass ranks in proportion....

namely, the USA (within certain measures of total land mass and overseas territories), Yemen, Brazil, and Ireland.


In light of this, I established a rule that if a country didn't change geographical location based on its population:land mass rank, it had to move up or down a rank - with a preference based on numerical proximity to the next or previous rank's population/land mass data as a percentage of that country's total population / land mass, and preferring to minimize chain reactions in dislodging ranks. In all, the preference in any discrepancy was to make sure countries always moved to new locations.

Note #2: Apologies to countries with big populations that ended up in deserts or other places with inhospitable climates/landscapes and scarcity of resources. We didn't think it through that far.