Country Portmanteau







I built a generator in MATLAB for combining the prefixes and suffixes of 195 nations, and then produced the above functionality in javascript. Pick two countries from the dropdown lists, or randomize one or both fields to produce a portmanteau of the names of two countries slammed together!

Some of my personal favourites:

In order to make this program, I had to make a dataset of all 195 country names and define their prefixes and suffixes, as well as their qualifiers/titles (e.g. "The Republic Of", "North", "Islands", "and the Grenadines"), and also the number of syllables in their prefixes/suffixes for conditioning the portmanteaus to be something reasonably pronounceable. I established several rules for omitting extra letters once any given prefix-suffix pair has been compared:​​

  • If any of the last up to 3 letters in the prefix match the first up to 3 letters in the prefix in reverse order, omit the duplicates.

  • If the last prefix letter and first suffix letter are both vowels, omit the prefix letter (or suffix if the prefix has only 1 syllable).

  • If the last prefix letter is 'r' and is preceded by a consonant, and the first suffix letter is also a consonant, omit the 'r'.

  • If the last prefix letter is 'd' and the first suffix letter is a consonant, omit the 'd'.

  • If the first suffix letter is 'h' and followed by a vowel, and the last prefix letter is also a vowel, omit the prefix letter.

Obviously these rules are only arbitrary after a point since pronounceability is a fluid science, and country names don't have official 'prefixes' and 'suffixes' (and they're all in English here anyway!). So, there are a lot of names generated here that could probably do with some tweaking, or perhaps have some much better sounding alternatives - but my result set includes the nearly 40,000 possible combinations of names (I've probably not even read 2% (800) after computing them all), So I hope you'll forgive me for not going back through for edits!

Saudi Maldirabia


United States of Ameriwait



(Maldives + Saudi Arabia)

(Guinea + Qatar)

(United States + Kuwait)

(Spain + Iceland)

(Switzerland + Cameroon)